Studio volume knob (up to 11) illustration

The Studio

As you would expect, Paul’s studio is equipped to the highest standard. Which is all you need to know, really. As long as you get clean, crystal-clear audio, with all the vocal warmth and richness you’re counting on, you’re probably not very bothered about the bells and whistles. But, for those of you who like the details, read on.

The voice booth is by acoustics experts IAC, who equip the BBC, Sky and Channel 4. The microphone is the world renowned Neumann U87, the desk is by Yamaha and monitoring is by Genelec. The mains plug is by MK and has a top quality 5 amp fuse.

For remote session link-ups, options include ISDN via a Musicam Prima 120, along with broadband services like ipDTL and Source Connect Now. Alternatively, you can listen in over a phone patch or via Skype while Paul records and edits it for you. Audio can then be delivered via Hightail, WeTransfer, FTP or your weapon of choice. If none of this makes any sense to you, just ask.

Paul is also available for studio sessions. He’s handy for the North West, and five minutes from direct express rail services to London and Birmingham.